Why our process is better

Most recycling companies only specialize in refurbishing or recycling obsolete electronics.  This can result in negative environmental consequences or missed revenue from resale opportunities.

At Cobalt, we have industry experts in all reuse and recycling channels taking advantage of  the full spectrum of the IT asset disposition process.  See our detailed flow diagram below for more details regarding our comprehensive recycling solution focused on preserving the brand your company has worked so hard to establish.

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Cobalt offers our White Glove Service and collect, package, and remove all electronic assets from your facility for you.

Secure Transport

All electronics are transported using a Cobalt branded box truck driven by only highly trained Cobalt employees.  All employees go through rigorous background screenings to ensure only the highest caliber personnel.

Data Destruction


Our data eradication procedures are truly best in class.  Our four stage process guarantees your data is handled with all the necessary checks and balances to provide you peace of mind and eliminate your liability. Read our Data Security Policy

What would happen if…

your company had a data breach due to improper recycling? What financial impact would this have on your business due to brand degradation and legal ramifications?

You can alleviate these concerns by choosing Cobalt, the nation’s premier data destruction and IT asset disposition solution.

Electronics for Resale

Whenever possible, we look for opportunities of reuse for your ewaste to provide the most revenue for your IT assets and used electronics.

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When reuse isn’t possible, we guarantee we’ll recycle your electronics safely, securely and cost-effectively. Because we make the most of your assets, you receive maximum value.

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